I am an artist...
This means I live in a 
perverse fantasy world with unrealistic expectations...
Thank you for understanding.

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I live in New York City and am a practicing artist and educator.

To begin … I have an M.F.A. from the University of Arizona. My academic and professional career include: teaching at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, serving as Director of the renowned 92 ST. Y’s Photography Department in New York City and Executive Director of the Institute for Art and Photographic Resources in Westchester New York and also an Adjunct Professor at New York University.

Other career highlights: I was awarded a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and Polaroid to chose some my images for its 50th anniversary celebration … POLAROID 50, a collection of 50 leading artists including famous artists as Andy Warhol, Ansel Adams, Cindy Sherman, etc.

My work has appeared internationally in galleries and museums, including the Toyko Metropolitan Museum of Photography, 80 Washington Square Gallery, New York City, Gallerie Mabrie in Paris, France, Lombard Freid Gallery, New York City, The Photographers Gallery London, England, Visage London, England, X+ Brussels, Belgium Contretype, Brussels, Belgium, Thomans Cohn Gallery Rio de Janerio, Brazil, Foundation Canon Image Center Amsterdam, Art Institute Chicago, Illinios, Caltherine Edelman Gallery Chicago, Illinois, Kara Geneve, Zurich, Switzerland. Baronian -Lambert, Ghent Belgium.
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A parallel “passion” for computer art began 15 years ago with 3D image making and the now ancient Photoshop 5 which culminated in QUESTIONS FOR A FETUS … a three-month installation of some 60 digital images sponsored by the Mother Earth Committee of New York City.

And now? Now there’s doarte’s merry MADHOUSE with its Museum of Unnatural History for mementos past and present, the ODDATORIA Galleries for beasts and beauties, devil dolls and scenes devoted to serenity, a MIDWAY mad for models (fashionable and futuristic, glamorous and ghastly). And of course there is a circus serving divine divas to acrobatic rats … dozens of digital images dedicated to a relief from reality.

But the grandest dream of all … joining with other digital artist to make the computer a respected and important contributor to the world of art … just as the camera did for the world of photography.Okay